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The issue of safe truck parking, while never going away, has received increased attention lately. With last week’s announcement from the Dept. of Transportation that it was creating a national coalition to – hopefully – address the problem, the time may have arrived when safe parking gets more than just lip service. Maybe real change […]

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November 8 is the day of reckoning for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But no matter if Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump prevails, the next president will face a still-gridlocked Congress. Yes, the Democratic Party may, if they can gain four or five seats (depending on which party takes the White House) regain control of […]

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With more large trucks on U.S. roads, traveling more miles and transporting more, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is working to measure the size of the industry. Last week, the agency issued its 2016 Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus Statistics, which provides a snapshot on the state of the trucking and transport […]

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How cool is this?

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As I look at the LTL freight transportation today, it is hard to believe that just a few years ago, this was one of the most battered sectors of the freight industry. The LTL freight industry took a tremendous pounding during the Great Recession as business volumes contracted by about twenty-five percent. As operating margins […]

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A commenter under my post on sleep apnea screening protocol from last week Friday got me thinking about the reality that, as regards sleep apnea, a one-size-fits-all screening process like the various protocols that have been recommended over many years by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Medical Review Board and others will never be […]

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Reefer load posts and rates rose before Labor Day, which was a welcome change to the backsliding we had been seeing in recent weeks. Those boosts held up for the most part after Labor Day, too, which hopefully is another good sign for fall reefer trends. On the top 72 reefer lanes, more had rates […]

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Driving a truck was the most hazardous occupation in the United States last year, according to the government’s latest workplace fatality census, which also said highway accidents were the leading cause of deaths of workers in all lines of work.

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Living life on the road as a truck driver can be a fun and exciting career that allows you to travel while seeing our country and all of its wonders. With that being said, do you know where these wonders are all located? Or better yet, do you know where our nation’s truck stops, exits, restaurants, etc. […]

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Some people think that because truck drivers aren’t spending eight hours a day in a stock room or construction yard, their job is not strenuous. Those who are veterans in the industry can dismiss this opinion, as long hours, unfamiliar routes, and the large amount of responsibility that comes with trucking can be physically and […]

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