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The issue of safe truck parking, while never going away, has received increased attention lately. With last week’s announcement from the Dept. of Transportation that it was creating a national coalition to – hopefully – address the problem, the time may have arrived when safe parking gets more than just lip service. Maybe real change […]

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Crashes are very, very stressful. Throughout the chaotic aftermath of a crash, you may experience a heightened sense of fear and loss of control, especially if there are serious or life-threatening injuries. All parties involved may exhibit everything from stunned, shocked silence, to tears or extreme aggression. Sometimes, the anger and aggression will be directed […]

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Learning to drive an 18-wheeler does not stop at making a correct left turn. It is a lifetime skill many talented drivers have refined to an art form. My first lessons included good practices to make your day go more smoothly. I didn’t get that information from a book, but from qualified trainers who took […]

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Resume tips for truckers To earn top salaries, truck drivers need to distinguish themselves on paper. Here’s how.

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Remember to consider the weight of diesel fuel when scaling a truck! More than once, I’ve noticed a new driver scale his rig after loading, finding his gross weight is under the legal gross allowable, then happily head off down the road. He then loads up on product, only to be be ticketed for being […]

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Throughout the year, we have made many trucking industry predictions regarding technology and the future for drivers. Some of the topics we discussed were the inevitability of driverless trucks, the DOT speed limiter proposal, and updating transportation infrastructure. In 2016, Uber’s self-driving truck, Otto, made its first delivery of 50,000 beers, and companies, like Amazon, […]

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Top3reasons to become truck driver

Truck drivers are in high demand. The American Trucking Associations’ estimate the industry will need more than 96,000 new drivers each year for the next 10 years to keep pace with consumer spending. If you are looking for a career change, consider these top truck driver benefits:

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It wasn’t long ago that truck driving had a much different image than the one it enjoys now. In previous decades, drivers were often viewed with skepticism by the public. While truckers have always received some sort of acknowledgement for the valuable economic service they provide to businesses and organizations across the country, the perception […]

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See below for detailed PADD/geographic information.

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The Truckers Against Trafficking organization — a conduit intended to marshal the eyes and ears of the highway, American truckers, against the crime of human trafficking — recently made an agreement with the Mexican Consejo Ciudadano Mx hotline, intended to share resources to combat the problem on both sides of the border.

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