Any trucker will tell you that keeping a successful marriage is continuously a challenge. Yet, the profession does not have one of the highest divorce rates when put into perspective. So, obviously it is doable! However, challenges and obstacles abound such as what to do when your spouse’s car breaks down, the laundry machine decides to stop working one day, or the teacher has called both parents to the school in regards to a child’s recent behavior. Some problems may seem impossible to resolve at the moment, but become easier with time and don’t always have to be devastating.

Married To A Trucker

Here are a few suggestions to help get both the trucker and his/her spouse committed to the profession in a way that still makes their marriages strong.

Suggestions For A Stronger Marriage.

The first step to any strong marriage is to keep communication flowing. Some spouses feel betrayed that their partner has chosen such a difficult profession requiring so much time away from home, but keep in mind that both partners feel at a loss in the end. Keeping a strong sense of communication with regular phone calls is very important to keep the marriage alive and strong.

One should also avoid the urge to judge the other person. It takes a lot of compassion to realize that both partners are undergoing a significant amount of pain as a result of the separation phases. Asking questions about where the relationship seems to be going, or whether “you still love me the same way” can only lead to no good more feelings of pain and hurt.

It is far more productive to make the very most out of the time that you can spend together. As soon as you have the opportunity to be together, cherish every minute of it and put also those long miles behind each of you. Better yet, why not invite your wife to do a run with you from time to time. It can be very adventurous to spend time together exploring the old countryside and allow you to spend even more private time together. Your wife will also have a better idea of what life is like out on the road, giving her greater peace of mind for your future trips.