The Truckers Against Trafficking organization — a conduit intended to marshal the eyes and ears of the highway, American truckers, against the crime of human trafficking — recently made an agreement with the Mexican Consejo Ciudadano Mx hotline, intended to share resources to combat the problem on both sides of the border.


TAT “will now be able to equip professional drivers in both Mexico and the United States to recognize the signs of trafficking and to know how to report it to the proper authorities,” noted TAT executive director Kendis Paris. “Drivers are the eyes and ears of our nations’ highways, and they are truly able to be heroes of the road. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Consejo Ciudadano to help end this heinous crime.”

Last year’s news on a variety of TAT partnerships with state law enforcement agencies remains current, with expansions in the past year to state law enforcement agencies in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. A variety of reports recently appeared about the Indiana partnership to take the information-dissemination message of the organization to motorists and others on the roads. Read more via this one, published after a segment aired on WTHI TV in Terre Haute.