It wasn’t long ago that truck driving had a much different image than the one it enjoys now. In previous decades, drivers were often viewed with skepticism by the public. While truckers have always received some sort of acknowledgement for the valuable economic service they provide to businesses and organizations across the country, the perception of the field as-a-whole has changed.


The freight industry is now subject to many regulations and guidelines, the vast majority of which were suggested from within. Not only are trucking organizations working harder to improve drug testing policies to catch recreational drug use, but they’re also participating in activities to help educate the public and create safer driving conditions for truckers and the public they share the roads with.

Many Class A CDL truck drivers are family-oriented individuals who take great pride in completing their job to build an honest living. Truckers have also taken steps to reduce emissions in their industry and leave a smaller carbon footprint. In addition to being environmentally conscious, drivers have also demonstrated an impressive level of activism. Trucking groups have worked hard to bring attention to issues like human trafficking.

With the trucking industry becoming more well-known by the public as well as businesses and lawmakers, the amount of positive changes they make will likely continue. It is easy to see how this once misunderstood industry now enjoys a refined and improved reputation among outsiders.